These Days, I’m Beginning To Love Flavour…-Ghana Actress, Martha Ankomah

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Click for Full Image Size No doubt, she is one of the top divas in Ghollywood-Ghana today. If you have seen her act some romantic scenes, you will quickly form your opinion about her-She is a bad girl! But on a contrary, Martha, the dark and lovely Ghana actress, who is gradually becoming a face to reckon with even in Nollywood, is a good Christian. She acts to make a living and only interprets her scripts to fit the character in the role she is being directed to play.

We gathered in Ghana recently that, most of the top movie directors in Ghana can testify to it that Martha has never dated a producer, actor or what have you in the entire Ghollywood. Does that mean she doesn’t love? She does, she loves the good things of life and has a very great love for God and whenever she is Nigeria, she confessed that, she loves to settle down with one of the Nigeria’s finest artists, Flavour’s song titled Adama to relax with.

On how she relaxes, hear her, “I relax when I want to by listening to some gospel vibes and R&B, in Ghana I love Sakordi but anytime I am here, (Nigeria) I love Flavour’s Adama so much. But right now, there is no time for relaxation. I just finished shooting a movie owned by Phil Collins about two week ago. It was a very big movie. I also have another movie which Elvis Chuck is shooting and we will be using locations in Dubai and other places. It is a big project too, so you can see there is little time for relaxation but work all through.”

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